The Malayalam month Karkkidaka is thought for large monsoon rains. It’s the season when most individuals keep indoors, no farming work, and physique changing into weak. The entire atmosphere wears a depressing look and it’s time for psychological stress, lethargy and a number of other issues.

Karkkidaka is the Month of Ailments and Deaths

That is the season the place bodily immunity of individuals is at its lowest. The mortality charge of society throughout this era is increased throughout this era than another interval.

Arthritis Care throughout Karkkidaka

It’s recognized proven fact that arthritis ache will increase throughout this season. The chilly local weather is the rationale for this. Arthritis sufferers should care for their regular food plan. Wholegrain wheat meals is the primary alternative for arthritis sufferers throughout Karkkidaka. Keep away from meat -chicken, beef, pork.

Greatest Time for Ayurvedic Remedies

Karkkidaka (Most cancers – July-Aug) can also be the most effective time to carry out Ayurvedic therapies, as human physique can be extra receptive to Ayurvedic medicines than at another time of the 12 months. The physique absorbs something utilized to it, rapidly and effectively throughout this era.

This specialty of the month Karkkidaka was observed by historic Ayurveda acharyas and so they prompt preventive and healing therapies for this season.

Therapeutic massage Remedies for Karkkidaka Month

Physique therapeutic massage with medicated CBD Oil For Migraines is an important remedy. Ayurvedic medicinal oils ready from herbs are boiled with coconut oil and utilized on physique components beneath the neck. The selection of medicinal oil and lengthen of therapeutic massage are chosen in accordance with the bodily situation of the individual.

The oil is left on the physique for an hour. The oil is then eliminated by making use of floored pulses after which rubbing away with EENCHA whereas bathing.

Each the therapeutic massage and the tub thereafter are equally necessary. The water used for bathing has the juice of leaves of various herbs, boiled collectively. The individuals who undertake this remedy additionally observe meals restrictions for max effectiveness of the remedy.

Karkkidaka Kanji

That is specialised meals specifically directed for taking through the Karkkidaka month. It’s primarily rice porridge and sure herbs prompt in accordance with the bodily circumstances of the individuals taking it. It is a preventive remedy, because it helps individuals stop the onset of illnesses like diabetes, blood stress, arthritis, and so forth.

Suka Chikitsa

That is preventive remedy, given to wholesome individuals. Nasyam (nasal administration of medicines), Uzhichil (oil therapeutic massage), vasti (enema), and so forth are the chief therapies.

Normal Tips to Higher Immunity throughout Karkkidaka

The season makes you are feeling down. It’s the season the earth and every part in it feels down. Observe the next issues to remain wholesome and to strengthen immunity.