In automotive engineering, an exhaust manifold collects the exhaust gases from a number of cylinders into one pipe. The phrase manifold comes from the Previous English phrase manifold and discipline [fold]) and refers back to the folding collectively of a number of inputs and outputs (in distinction, an inlet or consumption manifold provides air to the cylinders).

Exhaust manifolds are typically easy forged iron or stainless-steel models which accumulate engine exhaust gasoline from a number of cylinders and ship it to the exhaust pipe. For a lot of engines, there are aftermarket tubular exhaust manifolds often called headers in American English, as extractor manifolds in British and Australian English, and easily as “tubular manifolds” in British English.These encompass particular person exhaust head pipes for every cylinder, which then often converge into one tube referred to as a collector. Headers that do not need collectors are referred to as zoomie headers.

The commonest sorts of aftermarket headers are product of delicate metal or stainless-steel tubing for the first tubes together with flat flanges and presumably a bigger diameter collector product of an identical materials because the primaries. They could be coated with a ceramic-type end (typically each inside and out of doors), or painted with a heat-resistant end, or naked. Chrome plated headers can be found however these are inclined to blue after use. Polished stainless-steel may also shade (often a yellow tint), however lower than chrome most often.

One other type of modification used is to insulate a normal or aftermarket manifold. This decreases the quantity of warmth given off into the engine bay, subsequently lowering the consumption manifold temperature. There are a couple of sorts of thermal insulation however three are significantly frequent:

  • Ceramic paint is sprayed or brushed onto the manifold after which cured in an oven. These are often skinny, so have little insulatory properties; nonetheless, they scale back engine bay heating by lessening the warmth output through radiation.
  • A ceramic combination is bonded to the manifold through thermal spraying to offer a troublesome ceramic coating with excellent thermal insulation. That is usually used on efficiency manufacturing automobiles and track-only racers.
  • Exhaust wrap is wrapped utterly across the manifold. Though that is low cost and pretty easy, it will probably result in untimely degradation of the manifold.
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The aim of efficiency exhaust headers is principally to lower circulation resistance (again stress), and to extend the volumetric effectivity of an engine, leading to a achieve in energy output. The processes occurring may be defined by the gasoline legal guidelines, particularly the excellent gasoline legislation and the mixed gasoline legislation.