If you are not sure whether to install external wall insulation (EWI for short) on your building or simply keep your doors and windows tightly shut in order to avoid heat loss; here are 7 things that you should know about exterior wall insulation system.

1. EWI is simply the application of insulation layer to a building’s exterior wall to improve its energy efficiency. Wall Insulation Grants

2. Insulating a building’s external (solid) walls will help reduce energy bills. Homeowners who invest a top quality exterior wall insulation system get to save up to £385 yearly on their heating expenses! By insulating your building, you will not only reduce heat loss but also reduce your heating costs by 40%!

3. If you invest in insulating your residential building and the building where you conduct your business activities, you will be reducing carbon emission into the earth’s atmosphere. With Insulated Render System installed by Renderline, one can reduce their property’s carbon emission by a whole 50%!

Urban apartment – cute pink girl’s room on the attic

4. One of the advantages of choosing to install external wall insulation is that you and members of your household or company will not be required to move out of the building when the insulation job is being done. You will not have to move in with a relative or friend (temporarily) when your property is being insulated. No single stick of furniture or fixture will be removed when work is going on, you can get on with your day to day activities.

5. You will not lose any of your precious internal living space. Since the insulation job is being done on the building’s exterior walls, it will not in anyway affect the internal living space.

6. If you plan on selling your property some time in the future, you will be glad to know that insulating it will add more value to it when it is listed for sale. A lot of property buyers are known to jump at properties that are energy efficient. Another good thing about buildings with exterior insulation layers is that they are very beautiful to look at.

7. The other benefits of installing External Wall Insulation include:

• It stops rain water from leaking through the walls of your property
• It absorbs and blocks out sounds – especially unpleasant ones
• It can be applied without stress
• Adds to the lifespan of your property by protecting the building’s brickwork
• Stops internal & interstitial wall condensation